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8x13 Mighty Hoop Information for use on Brother or Baby Lock
6 and 10 needle machines

Watch the video, then read the notes below 

The 8x13 hoop will have a sewing area of about 7.25" deep x 11.5" wide on a 6 needle machine.  The 10 needle machine will be able to sew a little wider. 

Here is a summary of the different ways that you can order.  These are explained in the video. The two parts in red are the most common way to order.

The fixture sale price is $125  With any of the options you will also need one fixture to hold it on your HoopMaster Station for hooping.

8x13 Tubular Version - sale price $150  This is the most common way to order this hoop.  This is the best option for hooping normal items including T-shirts and sweatshirts.  The machine adaptor brackets are on the top hoop like normal hoops.

8x13 Tubular Version Complete Hoop $150 


8x13 Flat Version Complete Hoop $150


Adjustable Fixture for the 8x13 - $125


8x13 Flat Version bottom ring - sale price $75  You could purchase the 8x13 Tubular Version hoop and then purchase this extra flat style bottom ring.  This would allow you to use the tubular version for your normal hooping and then when you need to hoop a thick jacket, you just remove the brackets from the top hoop and use this flat version bottom ring that already has the brackets on it.  It will take a few minutes to do the change over, but you will have the best of both versions without having to purchase 2 entire hoops.


8x13 Flat Version - sale price $150 This is the version that you would need to hoop bulky items like Carhartt jackets and large thick pieces of material.  The brackets are on the bottom hoop on this version.  That makes it easier to get items like jackets into the machine.  It does not work as well for items like T-Shirts and Sweatshirts.

8x13 Tubular Version bottom ring and bracket set - sale price $75 You would only purchase this option if you have previously purchased the Flat Version hoop and want to convert it to a complete tubular version.  This will give you the smaller tubular version bottom ring and tubular brackets to put on your existing top hoop.  If you have not purchased any hoop yet, start with the tubular version instead and add the Flat Version bottom ring.

8x13 Tubular Brackets - sale price $22.50
If you purchase the flat version of the hoop, you could purchase these brackets to convert the hoop to a somewhat tubular version.  Basically you remove the brackets from the bottom hoop and use these brackets on the top hoop.  This does make the hoop tubular, but you are still using the same bottom hoop that is about 17" wide.  This is only a problem if you want to hoop a small garment because the bottom hoop has to fit inside the garment.  The normal tubular version hoop has a bottom ring that is only 15" wide so it can get into smaller areas.

The Tubular Version is by far more common, you could always add the Flat Version bottom ring if you need to hoop a thick jacket.  If you are going to use this hoop for really heavy items, you have to be careful with the weight on the machine arms and drive system. You should support the item when embroidering to take some of the weight off of the machine.  The top hoop is the same for all of the different versions, it has the holes in it for the tubular brackets even if you order the flat version.  This way you could order the tubular brackets later to convert as explained above.  The strength of both versions is also exactly the same.  The only difference is how the hoop is loaded into the machine.

Price Sheet in PDF format CLICK HERE

Add normal HoopMaster fixtures 60x40, 180x130, and 300x200/360x200 fixtures. These are fixtures to hold the hoops that come with a Brother or Baby Lock 6 and 10 needle machine. $142 on sale

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